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About Us

About Us

Death or Glory was established in 2017 and is being run by Siggy and Andreas. The whole shop is mostly specializing in traditional tattooing. But don't be afraid to ask for something else! With many years of experience we are not afraid of taking on other styles, although traditional tattooing is where we really take pride in our work.  We also almost always make time for walk-ins, so don't be afraid to pop by unexpected! Check our artists out below, and book an appointment for your next tattoo today!

Death or Glory

Sankt Peders Strade 28A

1453 København K




The healing period may vary a lot from customer to customer. Some people heal very fast without effort while others have a more challenging time in the healing period. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for a tattoo to heal.

Keep the bandage on for minimum 2 hours. You may keep it on until the next day. (If you get the new Secondskin or other types of bandages like this, you may keep it on for 5 days.)

Clean it gently when you remove the bandage. Use a perfume free soap and running water. Don't submerge your tattoo into water.

When the tattoo starts to look dry (usually after 1-2 days) you start putting lotion on it. We recommend Helosan, Pentanol or one of the fancypants creams designed for tattoo aftercare. Make sure to wash your hands and the tattoo before applying a thin layer of cream. Do this 2-3 times a day during the healing period.

If your skin don't react well to a cream you should change to another one.

If you get pimples in and around the tattoo you might be using a product that is too thick for your skin or you are applying too much.

Keep your dirty fingers off the tattoo!!

I see to many cases of people touching their new tattoo without reason. This highly increase the risk of an infection.

Keep the tattoo out of the sun. When it is healed high factored sun lotion will help keeping your tattoo looking dazzling. But during the healing period you don't wanna put anything other than healing lotion on it. So keep it in the shade during the healing period.


Don't go swimming during the healing period. This will highly increase the risk of your tattoo getting infected. Keep it out of salt water, lakes, pools, jacuzzies, bathtubs and stuff like that.


If you get scabs on your tattoo, do not pick the scabs. leave them be until they fall off by themselves. If you pick on them you will risk removing color from the tattoo in that area. 

Don't wear tight clothes on your tattoo. It may rub against and irritate the tattoo and also won't give the tattoo much air. This will slow down or fuck up the healing. Make sure to wear clean clothes and bedsheets. 

If you wanna work out, consider if it's a god idea with your new tattoo. Consider size and placement of the tattoo. Consult with your artist if you're not sure.

If you are uncertain that your tattoo might be infected don't hesitate to send your artist a photo and describe how it feels. 

Symptoms of an infection is:

*The tattoo is oozing.

*The skin around the tattoo is still red days after the tattoo was made. 

*the skin feels hot around the tattoo.

Most infections can be treated by letting the tattoo dry out and carefully washing it. Sometimes the tattoo will need a bit of touching up after an infection. In rare cases you will need to see your doctor about it.

 Contact your doctor immediately if the following symptoms arise:

*severe pain or swelling

*severe oozing of plasma with or without color

*thick, hard scabs that are bleeding red blood

There you got it. Hope you found this information useful. And feel ready to give that badass tat the best treatment to avoid complications.


Shop Rules

  1. You must be 18 years or older at the time of your appointment, regardless of parent consent

  2. You must be sober and clean during your session

  3. The studio is no place for kids, please leave them at home

  4. Don’t bring an entourage, the studio is small

  5. You must pay deposits to make an appointment

  6. Deposits are nonrefundable under any circumstance, but will be withdrawn from the total amount of the tattoo

  7. Cancellations must happen within at least 48 hour notice to the artist directly

  8. Appointments by guest artists may vary from these rules, please consult guest artist directly before your appointment

  9. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

  10. You are obliged to be upfront with any skin conditions or health issues that might conflict with your tattoo.

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